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Pricing is usually based on boat with maximum amount of customers (four people) and prices include VAT. The average duration of the trip is seven hours, slightly depending on the season. During the late autumn all the time shorter light time of the day sets its own limitations.

However, all guided fishing trips are priced in greater detail according to the customer’s needs. Price factors include the location of the selected waters, the content of the guidance and other services and products that may be involved.

We ask that you fill out the tender form on this site and send it to us, and we will respond within the same day. That is the best way to get the exact program proposal and an offer.

Price examples:

  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Kyrösjärvi 750 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Mahnalanselkä in southern area of Lake Kirkkojärvi 750 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Kulo-Rautavesi 750 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Längelmävesi 850 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Näsijärvi 850 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Säkylän Pyhäjärvi 850 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Pyhäjärvi (Tampere) 850 €
  • Guided fishing trip in Lake Vanajavesi 850 €
  • Guided fishing trip in the sea areas or other waters only by an agreement


In addition to guided fishing trips, we also organize fishing courses for groups across Finland. Group size being four persons, price 199 EUR / person / day (VAT included).

The goal of all our activities is to deepen the knowledge and skills of our participants in a comprehensive and thorough way.

We carefully study the changes in the habitat and behavior of target fish at different times of the year, familiarize ourselves with the safest fishing techniques and lure selections for different situations, gain an in-depth understanding of modern boat electronics, especially fishing sonars, we guide you through the interpretation of the information they provide and make the most out of it, to help and teach course participants the most diverse and effective way possible.

Fishing courses and excursions include professional orientation and guidance on the fishing style and species chosen. Opportunity to try out top-notch fishing gear and lures for all fishing styles and techniques. High quality and comfortable life jacket (vest) for the course time on the lakes.

We also offer photos of the course as well as the opportunity for video recording in fishing situations.

If required, we will provide seasonal clothing (e.g. waterproof, warm) and footwear when notified in good time.

All participants of the fishing courses and trips are covered by KP Fishing Oy’s liability insurance.


  • Professional orientation and guidance for your chosen fishing trip, course and fishing style
  • Cutting-edge fishing tackle and lures for all fishing styles.
  • High-quality life jacket (vest) for most comfortable fishing.
  • High-end photos and possibility for video recordings in fishing situations.
  • If necessary, suitable weatherproof clothing and footwear for the trip (please inform the fish guide well in advance of the trip/course), not automatically included
  • All persons involved in the fishing trip are covered by KP Fishing Oy’s liability insurance

Hintaesimerkkejä lisäpalveluista

  • Snack for the trip 15 € / person. Includes coffee, tea, soft drink, drinking water, bun, stuffed rye bread and pasty.

  • Warm food (enjoyed in nature) 20 € / person. Contains good salads and fried, meaty sausages.

  • Equipment 15 € / person. Contains high quality waterproof clothing and footwear.

  • Accommodation and conference services by arrangement. Please send us a message and let’s plan it from there.

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