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Do we need fishing permits/licenses on trips?

Yes, all 18-64 year-olds participating in the trip must have a valid Finland fishing license (aka “Kalastonhoitomaksu”) fee paid and, if necessary, be able to present a proof of it (e.g. a bank receipt) to the fishing controller. You can pay for your fishing license yourself (using the “Purchase fishing license” link).

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What happens to the fish caught during the trip?

All guide boats are equipped with circulating water pumps so that the fish remain in good condition during the trip. Fish that we get on trips can be picked selectively and processed as you wish, e.g. fillets. If you are about to bring your catch (fish) home with you, you should take a cooler (bag) where you can put the fillets cold and pack them properly for taking home.

In fishing, we follow the water-specific measurements of the fish we take for food. The principle is that we always release the small (undersized) and also the largest individuals, the size of the edible fish is based on the individual fish densities and the average size of the fish in that specific lake or water area.

On our travels, we get accurate weights, lengths and top shots (images) of the fish, so memories will be preserved and the biggest and oldest fish can continue their important reproduction in the waters.

Can I take my own fishing gear for the trip?

Yes, you can also bring your own equipment. However naturally our boat is equipped with very high-quality fishing tackle and hundreds of different fishing lures.

Is the price of the trip the same for 1-4 persons?

Fishing trips are always priced per boat, so the cost of the trip is always the same for 1-4 person(s). We will create you a separate offer for each trip and send it via email.

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Fishing courses are priced according to the course location and its contents, each course can accommodate up to 4 persons in the order of registration. Fishing courses cost around 199 € per person incl. VAT. Several fishing courses are organized every year all around Finland.

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Do we go fishing in any weather?

Fishing enjoyment is largely gear-dependent. Nothing is worse than freezing out on the fishing trip. That is why it is important to prepare for tough conditions with the right gear. In inland waters we get to work even in rough conditions and sheltered bays always provide possibility for quality fishing.

Do we always catch fish on trips?

When fishing for perch, zander and pike we move in 100% fish guarantee. However sea trout as a species is significantly more challenging and are most easily affected by weather conditions. Nevertheless, even on these trips we almost always get at least a contact with the sea trout.

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