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Ari-Pekka Härkönen

Key Account Manager, CAD Business, Grano Oy

“For my profession, I use the services of a fish guide quite a lot, and over the years, Kalle Paavola has been selected as my trusted partner. What matters to me is the satisfied look of my clients after a fishing day, but more importantly the reliability, responsibility and safety of the service. These things have not had to be compromised with Kalle. Ever. I’ve also been very pleased with the quality of the equipment used, Kalle’s willingness to try new equipment and techniques, and in particular the almost supernatural ability to adapt according to the weather circumstances, or the lake conditions where we are fishing.

I highly recommend Kalle Paavola!”

Tom Olli

Tammermatic Oy

The nobility of the fishing guide and the unique content of each fishing trip is what makes KP Fishing our go-to partner.

The quality and content of fishing days, tasty lunches and a stimulating and knowledgeable atmosphere will always make the day a success.

Processing the catch at the end of the day and fresh fish fillets for the way home always crown a successful day.

The equipment is always in perfect condition, state of the art, and you can always try out the latest technology in the industry and learn new tricks in both gear and fishing.

Ville Rajakallio


“I have been Kalle’s customer for ten years already, and it’s great to see how he has maintained his great enthusiasm and passion for fishing.

He takes account every customer regardless of their skill level and works hard to ensure that success comes in the form of target fish.

Kalle also finds fish from an empty lake. 6/5!”


Customer Manager

“Along with the hectic normal life, fishing is today’s mindfullness at its best, and the customer events I have organized with the help of Kalle and the workplace health promotion days (having also a fishing trip) have been very much successful and enjoyed.”

Juha Savolainen

“Every trip over the years has been an amazing experience. These trips provide experience, joy, tremendous information and learning about fishing. If the fish don’t come to Kalle, then Kalle will go to the fish!”


“I recommend for others to go on a fishing trip with a professional fish guide, as it gives even the experienced fisherman a lot of new knowledge for his own fishing that he can later go on to refine on his own trips.”

Juhani Uotila

“As a customer, I have felt that fishing along with Kalle’s guidance is instructive with respect to the discovery of target fish, as well as tools and their use. It has often happened that expectations have been exceeded.”

Tuomas Tanttu

“A day with Kalle learning how a pro is looking for fishing spots for a competition. Great learning and new perspectives on competitive fishing! ”


“I go on fishing trips with Kalle about 1-2 times a year. I’ve grown immensely from 3 years ago when I boarded Kalle’s boat for the first time without any fishing experience. Since then we’ve gone way past the point of no return. I purchased a boat and ‘a little bit’ of jigging gear.’

Jaakko Karjula

“With my relocation, there was a need to take in new home water in North Karelia. With Kalle, lake Höytiäinen’s fishing opportunities were opened up in a whole new way. With his long experience and the help of the latest fishing electronics technology, he is able to bring new insights into fish finding and tools.”


Upcoming competitive fisherman

“I have been regularly applying Kalle’s courses for increasing my own fishing skills for 4 years now, and will certainly continue to go. An unimaginable ability to find fish on hard days, the tools are the best on the market. I also highly recommend it to all active fishermen.”

Joona Jyrkiäinen

Active fisherman

“Perch fishing is a favorite genre of mine, I have participated in Kalle’s two courses in lake Säkylän Pyhäjärvi, it is an annual highlight of the season from now on. I highly recommend!”

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