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Planning for a board meeting, a summer party or just a relaxing weekend?

Villa Sikuri provides the perfect place for companies and individuals of all shapes and sizes to party, meet and relax. Villa Sikuri is located right off to the side of road 3. It’s very easy to get to from everywhere in Finland.

perfect space for companies and individuals

Villa Sikuri has all the necessary items fulfilling the needs of all people and events. The building has a combined indoor space of 225 square meters, fit for about 30 people.

For people looking for a good space for meetings, parties and relaxation, Villa Sikuri is the perfect choice all year round. It is equipped with, among many other things, a 75-inch TV and WiFi

Ordering catering is easy and most definitely not a hassle. While waiting for your order, you can enjoy the soft and gentle warmth of the wood-burning sauna. During the summer you can go for a swim straight out of the sun and, if you’re one of the brave ones, you can go swimming during the winter, also.

This is how we care for you

Main building

  • Meeting spaces for 20
  • Wifi
  • 75″ television
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dining table for 20
  • Sleeping facilities for 17
  • Fireplace and wine cooler
  • WC and showers
  • Equipment for washing clothes
  • All-year-round 

Fire building

  • Fireplace
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Large table with chairs
  • Large TV
  • Karaoke equipment
  • Gas grill with electric assistance
  • Furnished and  covered terrace
  • All-year-round

Sauna building & Jacuzzi

  • Puulämmitteinen sauna (10 hlö)
    Wood-burning sauna
  • WC and shower
  • Terrace with fireplace
  • Cooling and dressing space
  • Sleeping facilities for four
  • Mini kitchen
  • Large jacuzzi outside, waterfront in 5 meters
  • Swimming during the winter
  • All-year-round

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