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KP Fishing Oy

With a strong professionalism and decades of experience, KP Fishing Oy offers quality fishing trips and courses in lakes and sea areas all over Finland. In addition, there is high quality accommodation for e.g. meetings, parties & celebrations, with catering services and facilities on the shore of Lake Kyrösjärvi.


KP Fishing’s main guide, Kalle Paavola, born in 1979 and is by his original education a chef. Kalle’s dream was to develop the passionate fishing into a profession right from his young age and has been a full-time fishing guide for 12 years already. He was selected as the Fish Guide of the Year in 2011. Kalle has had already about one thousand guided fish tours for his customers.

“The best moments for fish guide is seeing the customer’s enthusiasm for new learning and the joy of succeeding,” says Kalle. The use of modern fishing gear is not familiar to everyone today and the range of fishing tackle is so wide that it is not always easy to internalize.

“For myself, I find it especially important that I don’t only record the experiences of a good fishing day, but also specifically explain how on the bad days I can bring fish incidents for the customer,” Kalle explains of his work methods.

“Over the years, my belief that fish accepts the lure every day has only become stronger,” says Kalle. “But it requires more than usual experience and expertise to solve the equation between the right tools, the choice of location, and the technology to be used.”

“I fish myself and I also encourage my customers to fish with all kinds of gear, but definitely my heart is closest to all different forms of jig fishing,” Kalle reveals.

“In addition, I have been excited to competition fishing for 30 years. It has increased my interest in developing tools and lures. Winning requires knowledge, skill, experience and wisest choices of tools and techniques.”


Kalle Paavola’s best achievements in ice fishing are the Finnish Junior Championship (18 years) in 1997, third place in the SM-PILKKI general series 2012, the Finnish Championship in the general series 2013 and the SM-Pilkki’s pre-competition Championship in the same year.

On the trolling side, he has won the Häme Cup 2001 and 2003 and got 2nd place in 2006, Pike Fishing European Championships 2010 and 2014, 2nd place in 2011 and won the lake Oulunjärvi Cup in 2014.

In the casting competitions, Kalle has accomplished the following: Wins in Lund Predator Classic 2015 and 2016, second place in 2017, Ruoto Predator Classic’s third place in 2018 and 2019, Jigi Cup’s win in 2017 and second place in 2018, World Predator Classic (Netherlands) fifth place in 2019.

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